50 visitors at Exoskeleton Technology Day

30.11.2016 ·

On 28 November, around 50 people came to Amsterdam to see and discuss the state-of-the-art and future of exoskeleton technologies. The event showed the breadth of application areas and the urgent need for exoskeletons.

Exoskeleton Technology Brokerage and Pitching Event

31.10.2016 ·

Six European research projects to meet and discuss their results, create synergies and generate new ideas for further developments in the use of results in Amsterdam, 28 November 2016.

Robo-Mate modules on TV

10.10.2016 ·

A "technologically upgraded" journalist tries Robo-Mate's active arms and discovers an unconventional application area. Her colleagues, meanwhile, investigate what others, like Centro Ricerche Fiat, think of Robo-Mate's three modules.

Final prototypes presented to companies in Sibiu

07.09.2016 ·

12 representatives from 10 companies tried the final prototypes of the Robo-Mate exoskeleton at the industry demo in Sibiu, Romania.

The race of exoskeletons

11.08.2016 ·

Exoskeletons are moving out of science-fiction books and laboratories: The ETH Zurich organises the first "Cybathlon", a competition for individuals with physical disabilities – and their latest assistive devices.

Robo-Mate project to be extended

05.08.2016 ·

The coordinator (ZHAW) has successfully requested an extension to the Robo-Mate project.

Trunk module pushed to the next level

19.07.2016 ·

Our partner IIT has improved weight, comfort and motion speed of the trunk module.

Preliminary results of Robo-Mate lab tests

19.07.2016 ·

Lab tests have shown that Robo-Mate modules can reduce perceived exertion of the trunk (for the bending and dynamic lifting task) and of the arms (for the overhead tasks). The tests have also shown where improvements are needed.

Companies visit Robo-Mate to see modules

28.06.2016 ·

8 potential end-users have visited ZHAW to see the 3 Robo-Mate modules. They expressed interest in follow-up projects or in testing the modules.

Lab tests finished

26.05.2016 ·

Robo-Mate has tested its three modules in ZHAW's labs in Winterthur, Switzerland. Three usability metrics have been evaluated: Effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction.

The design of the passive arm module – and why it now works as expected

13.05.2016 ·

The passive arm module of Robo-Mate does not need any power supply, is lightweight and provides a constant supporting force. In a recently published paper, authors from ZHAW describe the design that enables these features – and how they found out what distorted their initial calculations.

Robo-Mate's present and future described in "InnoVisions" magazine

24.03.2016 ·

The German magazine "InnoVisions" has published an article on the current status of Robo-Mate's work and its future activities: The prototypes are finished, are now being tested in the laboratory and tests in partner companies are being prepared.

Robo-Mate invited to European Robotics Forum 2016

18.03.2016 ·

Robo-Mate has been invited to give a presentation at the European Robotics Forum  (21–23 March, Ljubljana).

Live demo of the Robo-Mate exoskeleton modules in May - by invitation only, apply today

17.02.2016 ·

With the lab testing of the prototype well underway at ZHAW in Winterthur the modules of the Robo-Mate Exoskeleton are taking on their definite form and this is attracting more and more attention from industry.

Robo-Mate in the Economist: Why a modular approach is a good idea

19.12.2015 ·

The Economist describes a good dozen of exoskeletons – and Robo-Mate is one of them. The author seems to agree that power supply is a good argument for a modular approach, as for example "soldiers might, quite reasonably, be reluctant to wear a tank of petrol" to power their exoskeleton.

Robo-Mate experts contribute to high-profile conference

30.11.2015 ·

Germany's biggest association of engineers holds a conference on "Assistive robots in production" – with a significant contribution from Robo-Mate experts.

Prototype shown at Logistica

16.11.2015 ·

Robo-Mate presented the passive arms of its exoskeleton at Logistica, a 4-day trade fair in Utrecht.

Review article shows potential of industrial exoskeletons

07.10.2015 ·

In a "Ergonomics" review article, Robo-Mate members confirm the beneficial effects of industrial exoskeletons.

6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics

Next live demo at Fiat (Torino, IT) in July

13.07.2015 ·

The Robo-Mate live demonstrations are continuing and this time it’s taking us to Italy. A 10 minute demonstration of the exoskeleton will be shown to top ranking managers from different countries at Fiat in Torino, Italy.

Robo-Mate prototype

07.07.2015 ·

Watch a demonstration of the Robo-Mate prototype on YouTube.

Even more coverage

07.07.2015 ·

The articles about our project don’t seem to be drying up anytime soon. Over the last couple of weeks there have been about 50 more articles printed and/or published. And this time not only in Europe, but also in China, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Iran, Bahrain, the Philippines and in Australia.

Hot off the press: Robo-Mate

01.07.2015 ·

The importance of showing off an actual working prototype to the public has proven itself to be invaluable. Robo-Mate has recently been featured in 15 news-outlets (that we could find) and has even made an appearance on a local TV station.

Robo-Mate’s TV appearance (update)

TC 184 / ISO Workshop

23.06.2015 ·

As part of the Roadmap to Exoskeleton Standards Dr Peter Heiligensetzer of MRK-Systeme GmbH in Germany and Dr Leonard O’Sulivan from the University of Limerick, Ireland.

1st Live Demo of Robo-Mate – Industry Workshop in Stuttgart, 12 June 2015, fully booked

11.06.2015 ·

The Industry Workshop in Stuttgart has been fully booked. It has been encouraging for us to hear, that the planned workshop at Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) has been met with the excitement it deserves.

Symposium "Exoskeletons in Medicine and at Work"

16.04.2015 ·

The First International Symposium on Exoskeletons in Medicine and at Work will take place on 6 July 2015.

Robo-Mate White Paper on ISO standards

27.03.2015 ·

The Robo-Mate partners University of Limerick and TNO have developed a White Paper.

New Multi-Annual Roadmap for Robotics 2020

27.03.2015 ·

A strategic framework for proposal submissions.

European Robotics Forum 2015

25.03.2015 ·

In March 2015 the largest robotics networking event in Europe (ERF2015), organized by euRobotics, attracted more than 600 participants.

CEBIT 2015

23.03.2015 ·

The world’s largest and most international computer expo (CEBIT 2015) opened it doors in March 2015.

Robo-Mate at MWC 2015

12.03.2015 ·

During the four days at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) organised in Barcelona from 2-5 March 2015, ROPARDO introduced Robo-Mate to the interested public.

Industry Workshop - 12 June 2015

24.02.2015 ·

How can Robo-Mate improve working conditions and what are its advantages? How can it be used in an industry environment?

IIT offers two post-doc positions in Robo-Mate project

05.01.2015 ·

The Department of Advanced Robotics at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), an English-language research Institute and one of the Robo-Mate partners, is looking offering two post-doc positions in Mechatronic Systems and Embedded Systems for Robotics.

Robo-Mate in EFFRA newsletter

19.12.2014 ·

Following our newsletter on standardisation issued beginning of December 2014, the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA*) has dedicated a section of its latest newsletter to the Robo-Mate project.

Four Robo-Mate papers accepted at AHFE 2015

19.12.2014 ·

The Robo-Mate partners have successfully submitted the following four papers and presentations:

Robo-Mate - The first year

04.12.2014 ·

Just a little over a year has passed since BBC News ranked the Robo-Mate exoskeleton at No. 2,  right after the announcement of the new iPhone, and major technical progress has been made on several fronts.

HAL meets Robo-Mate

13.11.2014 ·

Exoskeletons have been around for several years with rehabilitation as the main application area. Here, exoskeletons are aimed to empower people with physical limitations, to re-enable standing, walking, reaching and other activities.

Robo-Mate infographic

30.10.2014 ·

The Robo-Mate infographic is now available here.

Robo-Mate consortium meeting

26.09.2014 ·

The Robo-Mate consortium meeting hosted by our Dutch partner TNO took place in Leiden, The Netherlands on 24 September 2014. All partners as well as the Project Technical Advisor (PTA) attended the meeting and gave an update on the project's status quo.

LET'S 2014 - IAO member of High-Level-Steering-Committee

15.09.2014 ·

Carmen Constantinescu (Fraunhofer IAO) - one of our partners in the Robo-Mate project - will be acting as a member of the High-Level-Steering-Committee and will be responsible for the session: Urban Manufacturing during the

Roustabouts tested exoskeletons in South Korea

06.08.2014 ·

Employees of one of the world's biggest shipbuilder tested exoskeletons that, in future, should facilitate their daily work. Last year Daewoo workers sampled exoskeletons to carry and lift material up to 30 kg.

Robo-Mate presentation at CLAWAR 2014

09.07.2014 ·

ZHAW will hold a presentation on Robo-Mate during the CLAWAR 2014 - 7th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots taking place in Poznan, Poland from 21 to 23 July 2014.

EC Workshop on Industrial Safety

20.06.2014 ·

The Programme Officer of the European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety contacted the Robo-Mate consortium to participate as a speaker.

Post-doc open position for Robo-Mate project at IIT

09.04.2014 ·

This position is no longer vacant anymore.

Robo-Mate participates at Factories of the Future Workshop

14.03.2014 ·

The Robo-Mate coordinator (ZHAW) will participate at the 4th workshop on "Impact of the Factories of the Future PPP" in Brussels, Belgium.

First consortium and WP7 meeting at Fraunhofer IAO

06.02.2014 ·

From 3-4 February 2014 representatives of all 12 Robo-Mate partners came together for the first 6-monthly consortium meeting. It took place at the Fraunhofer IAO facilities in Stuttgart, Germany.

Robo-Mate partners visit Compa

29.11.2013 ·

Representatives from three Robo-Mate partners (CRF, TNO and Ropardo) visited the Compa facilities in Sibiu, Romania on 27 November 2013.

International Mechatronics Forum (IFM)

31.10.2013 ·

The 9th International Mechatronics Forum took place in Winterthur, Switzerland from 30-31 October 2013. The keynote presentation - held by Konrad Stadler - was dedicated to exoskeletons and its challenges in an industrial environment.

WP1 and WP2 meeting in Turin

09.10.2013 ·

Only one month after our Robo-Mate kick-off event, the Centro Richerche Fiat (CRF) hosted the WP1 and WP2 meeting in Turin, Italy. Representatives from almost every partner attended this very useful one-day-meeting on Wednesday, 9 October 2013.

Robo-Mate kick-off meeting in Genoa

05.09.2013 ·

Thanks to the hosting of IIT, the Robo-Mate kick-off meeting took place in Genoa, Italy from 5-6 September 2013. 27 people representing all 12 partners from seven European countries, as well as Vincenzo Nicolò (Project Technical Advisor) attended the meeting.