Robo-Mate: exoskeleton for lifting activities and static postures

Robo-Mate is a user-friendly intelligent wearable human-robotic exoskeleton for manual handling work in different industries. Prototypes of its three modules have been tested in the lab and are now undergoing tests at our industry partners. The exoskeleton will be deployable within half a day and not require task specific programming.

Robo-Mate's three modules

To make it adjustable to different industries and to different tasks, Robo-Mate's exoskeleton consists of three modules:


  • A trunk module to reduce loads to the lower back.
  • Passive parallelogram arms module based on springs to provide gravity compensation and reduce static muscle loads.
  • Active Parallelogram arms module equipped with state of the art wire pull functions offering assistive support for pick and place tasks.



Robo-Mate is in its final stage: Prototypes of the three modules have been tested in our labs and are now being tested by our industry partners in Italy, France and Romania.

Industry Offer

Although Robo-Mate is still under development, the Robo-Mate consortium has something to offer to companies already now: analysis of work processes, live demonstration, joint R&D or customisation. Read more on our industry offer.

Application Areas

The Robo-Mate project focuses on the development of the core exoskeleton. The initial set of tools demonstrate and disseminate the concept in various possible exploitation markets. The core exoskeleton and the required tools and sensors are defined by the requirements of the application field.