The Robo-Mate work packages (WPs) reflect the development of the exoskeleton and its deployment in different industrial environments. As the process involves substantial and large-scale development and includes partners from different sectors and industries, the WPs are aggregated into 4 sub-projects, reflecting the complexity and the multidisciplinary of this project:

I. Design and specifications of the overall system development
II. Components, technologies and functionalities for the technical development of subsystems
III. Integration and industry set-up for the integration of the sub-systems and the preparation of the deployment of the exoskeleton
IV. Support and coordination activities for the dissemination and exploitation of projects results and appropriate project management

As validation and demonstration play a crucial role in the Robo-Mate project, the testing approach has been defined as follows:

  • WP3: definition of an evaluation procedure for single subsystems (structural, functional and integration tests) and functional analysis of final whole system (exoskeleton)
  • WP4, 5 and 6: tests on each single subsystem prototype in the developing WP according to the procedure specified in WP3
  • WP8: functional tests on the exoskeleton prototype in parallel to structure assembly
  • WP9, 10 "Testing & pilot implementations": organization of two pilot implementation cases and tests for prototype integration in the pilot implementation cases in order to assess the exoskeleton integration in factories.