The system for the Robo-Mate project is based on two main aspects: human safety/compatibility and industrial benefit. Thus the main goals of Robo-Mate in an industrial environment are the improvement of productivity (force/postural support) and improved operational health and safety.

The optimum solution to combine these requirements is a modular system based around a core module for the trunk of the body. This core module is a trunk supporting, lightweight and semi-active exoskeleton, reducing the compression forces in the lower back. Next of supporting the worker in his main tasks, the core module can also be viewed as an operational health and safety product. By attaching additional arm or leg modules of different complexity levels, e.g. a dedicated arm module, the exoskeleton can be adapted to a specific task. In this way, we ensure that the exoskeleton is not overdesigned for a particular task and at the same time is sufficiently flexible to adapt to the needs of other tasks.

Robo-Mate can be enhanced with tag readers, RFID or other work-piece identification, as well as additional systems for factory automation, which are connected to the factory servers to enable the simultaneous recording of operations and the proper traceability of products. Head-up displays and vision recognition can be included for the workers’ convenience and to maximize direct interaction with the production process. Additionally, such systems will ensure the highest possible level of safety, even in widely unstructured environments.