The innovation of the Robo-Mate exoskeleton will be achieved through its novel functionalities. Traditionally, exoskeletons as used in the military and rehabilitation sectors can support the lifting of goods. The Robo-Mate device will go beyond that by:

  • Improving working conditions and work performance through HMI with bidirectional information flow.
  • Enhancing perception and augmenting reality through multi-sensor feedback and vision systems that, together with a higher level of connect-ability with the factory environment, results in more efficient immersion of the operator in the factory process.
  • Supporting auxiliary processes in the production chain by gaining maximum flexibility and reactivity through selective and bidirectional information exchange throughout the whole factory environment and process-specific supply chains.
  • Providing information on the conditions of components handled by the worker in real time through built-in tag readers, RFID or other work-piece identification.
  • Ensuring efficient and safe assembly and disassembly tasks, as well as the manipulation of spare parts through intrinsic real-time handling- and/or service-instructions in a head-up display, thereby at the same time increasing the safety of workers.
  • Modelling and simulation of the exoskeleton in virtual factory environments for the improved planning of the shared tasks.