Other Industries

Robo-Mate offers force support and can provide the user with information through a see-through display. This results in a wide range of applications in industry. Especially for tasks which are not fixed to one location and or have a high variety of goods to be handled Robo-Mate is particularly suited.

For example in airports worldwide a huge amount of luggage has to be loaded and unloaded. Usually these pieces of luggage are carried with a conveyor belt in and out of the airplane. However, the un-/loading of the trolleys and the piling and unloading of the plane is done manually. Due to the different types of bags, this process can’t be automated, and it must be carried out manually.

Photo: Kevin Pyravi, Wikimedia Commons

Possible Robo-Mate applications are:

Aviation industry

  • Lifting support for luggage handling
  • Baggage identification through RFID-TAG reader. Additional logistical information for the operator can be provided with the see-through display.
  • Odor sensors for dangerous goods/drugs

Construction industry

  • Handling heavy goods in a rough environment
  • Work performed above the head


  • Loading and unloading of pallets
  • Handling goods in warehouses
  • Provision of logistical information for the operator with the see-through display
  • Reading information (e.g. RFID) with a customized tool and synchronization with the warehouse database


  • Handling heavy furniture in a strongly varying environment


  • Support of the hospital staff with physically exhausting activities with patients
  • Force support for elderly people