Compared to the automotive industry where a production chain is built to produce a small amount of types, the incoming cars to be processed in the dismantling industry are varying. There are no constant conditions in terms of car types and the handling of car parts. This requires high flexibility of the workflow, furthermore existing tools cannot be used for the whole variety of cars and cannot help the workforce. However, physically demanding work often has to be carried out by the workers in the factory.

The Robo-Mate exoskeleton offers the following solutions:

  • Assisting the worker with additional strength and
  • Making available important tools like powerful pliers for cutting e.g. car doors.
  • Besides force assistance and tool supply Robo-Mate can give additional information about workflow, dismantling process or logistics. For instance an RFID-Chip can be fixed on a dismantled part and Robo-Mate can book the necessary information into the storage system.

To better understand the demanding work processes in this industry, you will find some videos of our partner INDRA that show different steps of car dismantling activities: